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Less than a year after its formation it was nationalized by the government and was managed under the branch of the National Chemical Corporation and was then re-established as a public enterprise in 1992 by the council of ministers and was recapitalized by birr 1,525,000.00.

The company’s main vision was to compete against local and imported powder detergent through its famous brand ‘ROL’. Due to the machinery’s age and technological issues there was an issue of wastage which nearly bankrupted the company but thanks to a pioneering idea of creating a detergent bar (Cake) in 1979, Repi gave birth to a new line of product and a new brand ‘AJAX’. Production of a liquid detergent was then introduced in 1994 under the brand name “LARGO’

Joint Venture Overview

Following the earmarking of Repi Soap Factory by the government for joint venture partnership, LENA PLC, having registered its interest in the joint venture, commissioned Vision Consultancy PVT LTD CO to undertake a series of studies on the factory with the aim of concluding a joint venture agreement with the factory management and the privatization and public Enterprises Supervising Authority. As a result a business plan has been prepared based on factory assessment carried out between November 2003 and June 2004.

A Joint venture partnership between “LENA PLC” and the government privatization authority (PESSA) was than established during the financial period 2007/2008 after intensive negotiation was carried out between the parties involved which thereafter paved the way for the establishment of Repi Soap and Detergent Share Company.

LENA PLC is a share company mainly involved in trading, real estate and small scale manufacturing of corrugated steel and tea added Repi Soap and Detergent S. Co. to its portfolio of investment by acquiring 51% of shares amounting to Birr 9,360,000.00 of the total share value of 18,360,000 while the remaining 49% amounting to birr 9,000,000 was raised by PESSA in the form of assets based on business evaluation of the factory. The joint venture arrangement lasted for one year followed by a full takeover of the share company by LENA PLC after settling the remaining 49% share previously held by the government.

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