Largo is an all purpose liquid detergent with a novel & high performance formulation which gives you optimum cost per performance. It composed of water softening and stains removing ingredients.




Ajax is a bar detergent combined with good detergency property that used for washing and cleaning dishes, pans and other house hold utensils which is effective in hard water.



Ajax Taste




O2 Scouring Powder




O2 is a scouring powder used for cleaning bathroom and ceramic tiles with bleaching & antibacterial properties.



The company’s main vision was to compete against local and imported powder detergent through its famous brand ‘ROL’.

Maya powder soap



Maya enzy-max is a heavy duty detergent powder which is composed of a highly stain removing and bleaching ingredients.



Maya dish wash



Maya dish wash is a light and effective liquid detergent used for washing dishes and kitchen utensils.




Maya window cleaner



Maya Glass cleaner is a home cleaning product used for cleaning windows, mirrors, electronics & glasses.





DIVA is multipurpose laundry soap with dual function. It is used for laundry and body wash with softening properties.

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