In order to expand our market share until the implementation of the Expansion Project Program of REPI –B, we are committed to investing in capacity building and rehabilitation to fully harness the potential of the current factory. Current production output of REPI- A is categorized as below;

T-Powder Detergent Unit – 0.7TN/HR -Detergent bar Unit - 1TN/HR -Liquid Detergent Unit- 0.8TN/HR -Laundry Soap finishing Line – 2TN/HR Currently we are on the process of implementing a project that requires additional investment which would be obtained from sales profit, which aims to increase production output, efficiency and improve working conditions along with providing training & skill upgrade programs for employees. Upon completion, we estimate our production output of REPI-A to reach;

-Powder Detergent Unit – 1.5TN/HR -Detergent bar Unit – 1.5TN/HR -Liquid Detergent Unit – 1.5TN/Hr Our commitments in expansion go beyond improving current production lines. We are also currently construction a plant which aims to produce packaging unit in order to stabilize the supply of packages.


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